thug-to-scholar_book cvrJames Arthur Williams shares his incredible journey where during childhood, being intelligent and following the spiritual teachings of his parents got him laughed at and teased until he felt forced to adopt and embrace a thug mentality to survive in the projects.

James questioned “Why did his parents suffer and struggle so much when they loved the Lord with all their hearts and they made so many sacrifices for God while his peers who lived the total opposite of God’s word seemed to acquire money, status, and the good life?”

James was unable to rationalize this in his mind and chose to please and gain acceptance from his peers in the hood and began chasing a masked lifestyle that was opposed to his God-given potential.

James is no different from the millions of people who chase materialistic things, lifestyles, and religions to please their parents, partners, or peers.

Many people wake up unhappy, unfulfilled, and unable to identify the person reflecting back in their bathroom mirror. James was that person for many years, but one significant event caused him to transform his life. Learn about that significant event and what actions James had to take to save his life by reading his book “From Thug To Scholar.”

“From Thug To Scholar” will inspire you to transform and unmask your true potential. It is filled with life lessons and fascinating journeys of how James was able to unmask and go from a thug to a scholar. His life lessons and fascinating journeys are sure to give you many “aha” moments of how you can unmask and reach your God-given potential!