Our purpose in life is revealed in many ways, but we must pay attention to every clue from having a stranger compliment our work or perhaps our purpose is expressed vividly in a dream that seemed so real upon awakening.

Kita Williams’ revelation came one night via a dream about beautiful women dressed in vibrant colorful garments, wearing bold jewelry, and walking the runway as if in a fashion show.  However, what Kita found most striking of all was that the women were all bald.  In Kita’s dream, the name “Raw Beauty” was also given and thus the Raw Beauty Initiative was born.

Learn how Kita took what was not her dream, but a dream and turned it into a life-affirming initiative admiring the beauty and passion inside and out of survivors of cancer and domestic violence, which promotes healing via shared acts of love, faith, laughter, and artistic expression.

Every year Kita launches a Raw Beauty Calendar that features these beautiful survivors. Featured in the 2015 calendar is Helen Ballard, a cancer survivor who will share her story of how the Raw Beauty Initiative changed her life from being reclusive to that of advocacy for breast cancer survival.