Willard Alonzo Stanback talks about why we need to treat each business partnership like a marriage and the five most important points we need to address before walking down the aisle of business matrimony.

Willard Alonzo Stanback is an MIT graduate, a savvy business, entertainment and media lawyer with a strong foundation in intellectual property, licensing, and technology law. He is an entrepreneur, the owner of his own technology foundation and engaged in a host of other business partnerships.

You should listen to this show if:

1. You are you thinking about starting your own company and wonder if you should bring on a business partner.
2. You are pondering whether to partner with a friend or relative in that venture you have been talking about
for years.
3. If you currently have a business partner and realize that you forgot to have some very important conversations
and now need to address them.
4. If you and your partner do not have an operating agreement in place that addresses the important points outlined in this