Successful entrepreneur Zane Marshall shares his 3-year journey of workplace abuse as a teen. Learn about the top warning signs of abuse that parents should look out for and how they can raise a child less likely to accept any type of abusive relationship.

At the age of 17 Zane went to work in the entertainment industry and encountered mental and emotional abuse from a female supervisor.  This job was a dream come true and in total alignment with his passion to work in the entertainment industry.  He was experiencing the sweet taste of success at the ripe age of 17 producing television and video content that targeted young people.

The very reasons Zane was attracted to the job, were the same reasons that caused him to stay when the brainwashing and abuse started.  He did not want to give up this opportunity to live his dream!  He had a “do not quit” mindset and was ready to weather the storm no matter how long it lasted.  But the stormy work environment never let up.  It continued to worsen and so did the type of abuse.

Listen to the show to understand how bad the abuse had to get for Zane to understand that sometimes you do have to quit.  Zane knew he had to quit to save his soul, because he realized that he had sold it to the devil.

Three year after accepting the position; at 21 years of age, Zane was able to leave the abusive workplace environment without any regrets and with a spirit of forgiveness to his tormentor.  Zane is now a successful entrepreneur and speaker who educates young people on how to start their own business, build confidence, and much more.

In this episode, Zane talks about the following:

  1. The mindset of an abused person.
  2. The type of workplace abuse he encountered
  3. Why he chose to continue working in such an abusive workplace.
  4. What parents can do to raise a child that will be strong enough to avoid any abusive environment or choose not to remain in one.
  5. Why he was afraid to share the abuse with friends and family.
  6. Warning signs of abuse that parents should look out for to determine whether their child is suffering in silence.
  7. Parents should follow their gut reaction.  Listen carefully for the words their child use and look for signs of rebellion and isolation.
  8. If the warning signs are there and the child continues to say nothing is wrong, parents must investigate by snooping.
  9. How to break the cycle of violence in any environment.
  10. Recommended changes to parents with children and to people who are currently in an abusive or inappropriate situation.

This is a must listen to episode.  His story will truly inspire you!