Kelley Williams-Bolar’s story made national headlines in 2011 when she was arrested and convicted of 2 felonies for sending her two daughters to school outside of their residential school district, but in a district where Kelley’s father resided. This is called District Jumping.  The pain Kelley and her father suffered for this decision is heart-wrenching. Most horrific of all is that Kelley’s father passed away while in custody for allowing his daughter to use his address to send his two granddaughters to a better school.

In this segment, Kelley talks about her journey from indictment to redemption and how she is making a difference in the lives of other parents and helping to change the “District Jumping” laws across the United States, so that parents will no longer have to serve jail time.

District jumping is more common than you know and not everyone is aware that parents who break this law could be charged with one or more felonies.  I strongly encourage you to download Kelley’s  E-book, “The Kelley Williams-Bolar Story; Justice is Just Like Beauty; It’s in the Eyes of the Beholder” at