marriagePastors Lewis and Stephanie Tucker talk about the keys to a successful marriage. Pastor Lewis Tucker is the author of the book “The Two Will Become One Flesh: What Every Couple Needs to Know Before and After They Say “I Do.”

During their 12 years in ministry, officiating weddings and providing premarital and marital counseling, they discovered that the couples with the most problems in their marriage are those who have not received the requisite skills to successfully merge two lives into one.

The Tuckers have been blissfully married for almost 18 years and is passionate about helping other couples experience what they have.

Pastor Stephanie Tucker talks to wives about the true meaning of “submission” and what it looks and feels like.

This segment is filled with tons of Pastor Lewis Tucker’s marital nuggets of wisdom.  Here are just a few:

  • The world would be a better place if every husband treated his wife like the queen she was meant to be
  • If we all focused less on our careers and more on each other. If we were more concerned about our families than our portfolios… our kids would be happier, well adjusted, and our marriages would last.
  • If husbands treat their wives better emotionally, wives will treat their husbands better sexually
  • If husbands never stop dating their wives, they will always have a wife and a girlfriend

It’s been said that marriage doesn’t come with a set of instructions well not any more because the Tucker’s book, The Two Will Become One Flesh: What Every Couple Needs to Know Before and After They Say ” I Do “is meant to be an instructional guide for couples who are engaged, considering marriage, or already married to equip them with the tools to be successful. It even includes an appendix with instructions on how to plan a wedding service.  The book is available at