PrintStephan LaBoissiere, author of “How To Get A Woman To Have Sex With You…If You’re Her Husband” speaks candidly about why there are so many “sexless” marriages.

According to Stephan, “the biggest reason that men wish they could turn back the hands of time is LACK OF SEX” and if this sounds like your marriage, Stephan shares some great ideas about how you can turn things around and re-ignite the fire in your relationship.

Statistics indicate that approximately 15-20% of couples are in sexless marriages and another 20% are engaging in sexual intimacy a few times monthly or annually.

So, Stephan wrote this book to bring an end to the battle of the sexes and to break down the communication barriers between men and women to increase realness and reduce the fear to love.  He is a man on a mission to help men and women experience more successful and authentic relationships.