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The Health Policy Research Consortium (HPRC) is partnering with Make the Change Radio Show for the remainder of 2016 to talk about public policy, how public policy can improve your health, and what you can do to drive public policy decisions in your community.

Byron Sogie-Thomas is HPRC’s Deputy Director for Health Policy Research & Analysis. Byron opens the show with a simple definition of public policy and shares HPRC’s mission, which is to make everyone aware of these policies, the connections they have on your health, and how you can take action on the policies that directly impact the communities where you live.

Some of the following policy topics and areas where you can have influence in your community were discussed during this episode.  They include, but were not limited to:

  1. How your home can make you sick
  2. The importance of sprinkler systems in your home
  3. Speed limits in your community
  4. Zoning ordinances
  5. Impact of toxic dump sites and landfills near your home
  6. How disasters, accidents, and community involvement impact public policy
  7. How to get involved and who to contact if you want to change a public policy in your community
  8. Policies impacting your schools, classrooms and lunch programs
  9. More…

HPRC has a mobile app called Health Connect Prince George’s that can help you find local resources, such as Farmers Markets, Parks & Hike Trails, Recreation Centers, and more.  Download the app on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.  Click below to listen to the commercial regarding this incredible app.

Be sure to visit HPRC’s website at to read their public policy reports, newsletters, blogs, community events, social media pages, and more.