dead-end-relationshipDr. Nina Brown, author of “Dead-End Lovers: How to Avoid Them and Find True Intimacy” helps us understand why we keep picking unsuitable lovers. Dr. Brown calls them “Dead-End Lovers.”  We will learn how to spot them early, how to avoid them, and the psychological needs we have that attracts us to them.

Dr. presents five personal psychological lures and attractions we possess, such as;

  1. Being a Saver
  2. Searching for Excitement
  3. Craving Attention and Admiration
  4. Finding a Mirror
  5. Rebellion against Convention

Dr. Brown shares 7 out of 17 clear signs of unsuitability and tells us how to spot the “Five Types of Unsuitable Lovers:”

  1. Hurting and Needy
  2. Risk-Taking and Rebellious
  3. Charming and Manipulative
  4. Self-Absorbed
  5. Exotic and Different

So if  your relationship is on a one-way street to nowhere OR if you find that you keep getting into relationships with unsuitable lovers; Dr. Brown provides steps you can take to move away from dead-end relationships so that you can ultimately get the loving relationship you deserve.