Are you in love with a Christian, Agnostic, or Atheist?  Do you even know?  Should you care?  Could your mate’s ability to be faithful be linked to their religious beliefs and/or the strength of their faith?

Charlie, a confirmed Atheist shares his views that it all goes back to evolution.  Men are not born to be monogamous and they are burdened

to respond to the biological call to have sex and reproduce.  A biological call so powerfully intertwined within his DNA; making it impossible for most to resist.

Pastor Alfonzo Surrett shares God’s word about the problems and consequences associated with this view.  He states that we are all spiritual beings regardless of our beliefs and that being unfaithful opens the gate for the enemy to enter into our spirit to begin the path of possession and destruction.  He concludes that monogamy is not an issue of self-control, but more about the strength of one’s faith.