105 Why We End Up in Dead End Relationships and How to Get Out of Them


dead-end-relationshipDr. Nina Brown, author of “Dead-End Lovers: How to Avoid Them and Find True Intimacy” helps us understand why we keep picking unsuitable lovers. Dr. Brown calls them “Dead-End Lovers.”  We will learn how to spot them early, how to avoid them, and the psychological needs we have that attracts us to them.

Dr. presents five personal psychological lures and attractions we possess, such as;

  1. Being a Saver
  2. Searching for Excitement
  3. Craving Attention and Admiration
  4. Finding a Mirror
  5. Rebellion against Convention

Dr. Brown shares 7 out of 17 clear signs of unsuitability and tells us how to spot the “Five Types of Unsuitable Lovers:”

  1. Hurting and Needy
  2. Risk-Taking and Rebellious
  3. Charming and Manipulative
  4. Self-Absorbed
  5. Exotic and Different

So if  your relationship is on a one-way street to nowhere OR if you find that you keep getting into relationships with unsuitable lovers; Dr. Brown provides steps you can take to move away from dead-end relationships so that you can ultimately get the loving relationship you deserve.

075 Time To Say “No More” To Domestic Violence & Abuse



Lisa Council shares her personal story of domestic violence and survival and what we should look for in our loved ones to determine if they are suffering in silence from domestic violence or abuse.

Lisa was raped at the early age of 13, she was a victim of abuse and domestic violence in her marriage and every romantic relationship that preceded it. Lisa’s sister was brutally murder by an estranged husband and Lisa’s daughter was bullied and hurt physically at the hands of an 11 year old boy, which resulted in Lisa Council’s arrest for taking matters in her own hands to protect and defend her daughter.

Domestic violence and abuse is a cycle that tends to repeat itself and often ends in tragedy or a broken spirit that lasts a lifetime.

This episode should speak to women who choose to remain in abusive relationships for whatever reason and for the abuser who chooses to abuse.

Watch Lisa Council’s amazing video and your life will be changed.

061 How To Heal From Abuse


abuse_violencePastors Lewis and Stephanie Tucker of New Birth Kingdom Church talks about Pastor Lewis L. Tucker Jr.’s book “Damaged Goods: The Restoring Power of the Father’s Love”

In his book Pastor Lewis Tucker states that “the majority of women fall into the category called “damaged goods” due to some form of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse, which leaves them emotionally wounded and mentally scarred.

Pastor Stephanie Tucker, who once considered herself to be “damaged goods” due to childhood sexual abuse, joins Pastor Lewis Tucker to share with women how they can heal and transform themselves from “damaged goods” to “precious gems.”








053 Triumph Over Tragedy: Falsely Accused


Natasha Brown talks about her true life story of being falsely accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend nine times and three other individuals.  Natasha found herself faced with a $100,000 bond and up to 25 years in jail for six felonies, if convicted.  Natasha talks about her journey through despair and deliverance when the charges are dropped and the ten spiritual blessings she received that changed her life forever.

The ten blessings that Natasha received from God are:

  1. Becoming Cool
  2. Faith
  3. A Gentle Tongue
  4. Discernment
  5. The Building Circle
  6. God-given Strategy
  7. Fearlessness
  8. Servant-Leadership
  9. Grace
  10. Peace

020 Domestic Abuse – Why She Stayed and How She Left


Lynn Strange and Sonja Pitts share how they got into a domestically abusive relationship in the first place.  Understand what makes a woman stay after the first hit from their abuser.

Learn how victims of abuse cope from day to day and marvel at the courage it takes for them to leave.  Learn how to recognize the warning signs of a potential abuser, the most important changes victims of abuse should make, how to survive and the smartest and safest ways to leave.

019 Surviving Cancer And Domestic Abuse


Our purpose in life is revealed in many ways, but we must pay attention to every clue from having a stranger compliment our work or perhaps our purpose is expressed vividly in a dream that seemed so real upon awakening.

Kita Williams’ revelation came one night via a dream about beautiful women dressed in vibrant colorful garments, wearing bold jewelry, and walking the runway as if in a fashion show.  However, what Kita found most striking of all was that the women were all bald.  In Kita’s dream, the name “Raw Beauty” was also given and thus the Raw Beauty Initiative was born.

Learn how Kita took what was not her dream, but a dream and turned it into a life-affirming initiative admiring the beauty and passion inside and out of survivors of cancer and domestic violence, which promotes healing via shared acts of love, faith, laughter, and artistic expression.

Every year Kita launches a Raw Beauty Calendar that features these beautiful survivors. Featured in the 2015 calendar is Helen Ballard, a cancer survivor who will share her story of how the Raw Beauty Initiative changed her life from being reclusive to that of advocacy for breast cancer survival.