116 Food Safety, Nutrition and Hunger Sponsored by HPRC


When it comes to food safety; each year, roughly 1 in 6 Americans (approximately 48 million people) get sick from foodborne illnesses.

When it comes to accessing nutritious food, the sad reality is that many Americans cannot conveniently access nutritious food at an affordable price. Some neighborhoods in America are known as “food deserts” and “food swamps;” places where it’s hard to find nutritious food and where a lot of bad food options exist.

Despite living in one of the wealthiest states in the country, many Marylanders struggle with hunger.  One in eight households constantly struggle with hunger.  Approximately 21 percent of households with children struggle to obtain enough food to eat regular healthy meals.  And nearly 10 percent of Marylanders live below the poverty line.

In this episode we discuss the startling details surrounding food safety, access to nutritious food, and hunger.  You will learn what role public policy played in creating our current food system and how public policy can help improve it.  You will also learn about the role each of us can play in influencing the public policy that can help us obtain better access to safe and nutritious foods, combat hunger, and in the end improve our overall health.

This episode is brought to you by The Health Policy Resource Consortium, also known as HPRC.  HPRC’s mission is to educate and inform the public about public policy, how public policy can improve our health, and what each of us can do to drive public policy decisions in our communities.

Byron Sogie-Thomas, HPRC’s Deputy Director for Health Policy Research and Analysis and Michael J. Wilson, the Director of Maryland Hunger Solutions are the guests for this episode.

113 What You Need To Know About Open Enrollment 2017 – Sponsored by the Health Policy Research Consortium


obamacare-healthDo you have questions regarding Open Enrollment and the future of Obamacare? If so, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is the topic of this episode.  Byron Sogie Thomas of the Health Policy Research Consortium and Ben Turner of the Primary Care Coalition discuss and answer questions about the Open Enrollment process.

Ben Turner outlines seven steps to get you through the open enrollment process and Byron Sogie Thomas talks about how we can have our voices heard when it comes to any changes in policy surrounding the future of the Affordable Care Act.

If you have questions regarding the lingo, be sure to visit www.destinationhealth.me.  It is written at the 4th grade level and contains videos and more to help you better understand the definitions.

Visit www.hprc.info for more information.

107 How to Fight for Environmental Justice in Your Community (Sponsored by HPRC)


environment1In many places around the country there is growing concern about the health effects of environmental hazards, from lead in the water, to nitrogen dioxide in the air.  These hazardous toxins can turn our communities into death traps. And there is plenty of evidence that these dangers are not equally borne by all populations.

Byron Sogie-Thomas with Health Policy Research Consortium, also known as HPRC discusses the role of public policy in preventing or correcting environmental hazards and improving our health.

Kamita Gray and Al Weaver, leaders of the Brandywine Two Bridges Southern Region Neighborhood Coalition talk about how they are using community engagement to drive public policy in their fight with a very large environmental hazard; namely emissions from not one, but a third fossil-fuel power plant in their neighborhood in Maryland.

Neil Gormley with Earth Justice in Washington, DC talks about this entire issue of Environmental Justice and what we can do to protect our communities from these environmental hazards.

104 Vaccinations & Immunizations – Health Policy Research Consortium (HPRC)


vaccine shot immunizationAugust is National Immunization Awareness Month, which is an annual observance that highlights the importance of vaccinations.

Dr. Willarda Edwards and Byron Sogie-Thomas from the Health Policy Research Consortium discuss the importance of getting your children vaccinated for the upcoming school year.  They discuss the shingles, flu, and pneumonia vaccines, and concerns about the health risks (perceived or otherwise) associated with vaccinations.

They also discuss the role of public policy in providing widespread access to vaccines, how vaccines prevent disease outbreaks, who should take them, how effective they are in saving lives and saving money, and why some people would rather not take them. You will also learn about the history of how immunizations took place before vaccinations came on the scene.


087 The Shocking Truths About Being A Caregiver


Aging_Caregiver13 million parents of boomers are being cared for by their adult children and about a quarter of those are in assisted-living facilities.

Are you properly prepared?

Carolyn A. Brent, award-winning author of the “Caregiver’s Companion, Caring for Your Love One Medically, Financially, and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself” says that knowing someone’s end-of-life wishes does not always protect an elderly parent or a loved one if other family members disagree with the arrangements that one family member has made.

Carolyn experienced this firsthand.  She was ousted overnight by her siblings, from being her father’s sole caregiver for over 10 years.  Based on their actions and a loophole in the law, Carolyn found out about her father’s passing days after his funeral.  She was devastated and made it her mission to change this loophole in the law and provide a road map to guide the family caregiver.

In this episode, Carolyn guides us in how to have the crucial conversations with our loved ones about their end-of-life wishes and how we can best prepare for end-of-life care.

053 Triumph Over Tragedy: Falsely Accused


Natasha Brown talks about her true life story of being falsely accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend nine times and three other individuals.  Natasha found herself faced with a $100,000 bond and up to 25 years in jail for six felonies, if convicted.  Natasha talks about her journey through despair and deliverance when the charges are dropped and the ten spiritual blessings she received that changed her life forever.

The ten blessings that Natasha received from God are:

  1. Becoming Cool
  2. Faith
  3. A Gentle Tongue
  4. Discernment
  5. The Building Circle
  6. God-given Strategy
  7. Fearlessness
  8. Servant-Leadership
  9. Grace
  10. Peace