112 From Victim to Victorious: How I Survived Sexual Abuse by My Biological Father


SIN_A4_PRESS2_UKIRE_PrintNatasha Elliott talks about how she survived childhood sexual abuse by her biological father.  Mark Elliott, her husband of seventeen years also talks about the role he played in helping Natasha’s journey from victim to victorious.

Natasha points out that there are always signs that reveal a child is a victim of sexual, mental, or emotional abuse.  And Natasha points out some key signs that parents must pay close attention to and never ignore.

Natasha and Mark are on a mission to help victims of sexual abuse heal from the pain and also help their loved ones understand how to love them through the pain.

091 How to Turn Your Setbacks into Greenbacks with Dr. Willie Jolley


091 Book CoverDr. Willie Jolley talks about how to turn our setbacks into greenbacks.  Dr. Jolley knows firsthand the heavy load that setbacks can create and what it takes to bounce back.  His ability to comeback from a tremendous setback earned him the title of the “King of Comeback!”

In this episode, Dr. Jolley provides specific steps about how to overcome what he calls the “Devastating Ds” of divorce, downsizing, disease, disaster or death of a loved one.

In addition, Dr. Jolley talks about the importance of talking to people about what you are doing, his “5 foot Rule,” and so much more.

This episode is full of information and free resources to help you start turning your setback into a comeback and turn the comeback into greenbacks.

Take a listen!

089 The 6 Habits of Highly Resilient People


resilienceDr. Tommy Watson, Author, Speaker, and former football player talks about his awesome book, “The Resilience of Champions!”  Dr. Watson clearly outlines the six habits of highly resilient people in this episode.

Dr. Watson talks about whether resiliency is learned behavior, if we are born with it, and how we can build our resiliency.  And Dr. Watson should know because he went from homeless and living out of  trunk to a star athlete to college graduate, to earning his doctorate, and to a highly successful entrepreneur!

Dr. Watson lost practically everything.  He was able to regained everything back and more based on his love for the Lord and his unwavering determination to bounce back from the many adversities that plagued his life, from childhood into manhood.

Dr. Watson had every reason to give up and quit, due to being born into a drug-addicted household, gang influence, parental imprisonment, home foreclosure, divorce, unpaid bills and more, but he was determined not to give up.  If Dr. Watson can bounce back from so many adversities, then so can we.

Listen to this episode to learn how.


087 The Shocking Truths About Being A Caregiver


Aging_Caregiver13 million parents of boomers are being cared for by their adult children and about a quarter of those are in assisted-living facilities.

Are you properly prepared?

Carolyn A. Brent, award-winning author of the “Caregiver’s Companion, Caring for Your Love One Medically, Financially, and Emotionally While Caring for Yourself” says that knowing someone’s end-of-life wishes does not always protect an elderly parent or a loved one if other family members disagree with the arrangements that one family member has made.

Carolyn experienced this firsthand.  She was ousted overnight by her siblings, from being her father’s sole caregiver for over 10 years.  Based on their actions and a loophole in the law, Carolyn found out about her father’s passing days after his funeral.  She was devastated and made it her mission to change this loophole in the law and provide a road map to guide the family caregiver.

In this episode, Carolyn guides us in how to have the crucial conversations with our loved ones about their end-of-life wishes and how we can best prepare for end-of-life care.

055 District Jumping: The Price A Mother Paid to Better Educate Her Children


Kelley Williams-Bolar’s story made national headlines in 2011 when she was arrested and convicted of 2 felonies for sending her two daughters to school outside of their residential school district, but in a district where Kelley’s father resided. This is called District Jumping.  The pain Kelley and her father suffered for this decision is heart-wrenching. Most horrific of all is that Kelley’s father passed away while in custody for allowing his daughter to use his address to send his two granddaughters to a better school.

In this segment, Kelley talks about her journey from indictment to redemption and how she is making a difference in the lives of other parents and helping to change the “District Jumping” laws across the United States, so that parents will no longer have to serve jail time.

District jumping is more common than you know and not everyone is aware that parents who break this law could be charged with one or more felonies.  I strongly encourage you to download Kelley’s  E-book, “The Kelley Williams-Bolar Story; Justice is Just Like Beauty; It’s in the Eyes of the Beholder” at Amazon.com.

053 Triumph Over Tragedy: Falsely Accused


Natasha Brown talks about her true life story of being falsely accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend nine times and three other individuals.  Natasha found herself faced with a $100,000 bond and up to 25 years in jail for six felonies, if convicted.  Natasha talks about her journey through despair and deliverance when the charges are dropped and the ten spiritual blessings she received that changed her life forever.

The ten blessings that Natasha received from God are:

  1. Becoming Cool
  2. Faith
  3. A Gentle Tongue
  4. Discernment
  5. The Building Circle
  6. God-given Strategy
  7. Fearlessness
  8. Servant-Leadership
  9. Grace
  10. Peace

050 Healing Our Men



Father Christian D. Bruce and Brother Raymond Pretlor discuss some of the major issues that men are confronted with on a daily basis. They share their opinions of what it means to “Be a Man” and they provide ideas regarding what loved ones can do to help heal the men in their lives.

Both guests have programs that are designed to help all males become better men. If you do not have an appreciation for what men go through on a daily basis, this podcast is bound to increase your awareness and sensitivity.

048 Miss Jessie’s – Creating a Successful Business From Scratch


book_miss_jessiewebMiko Branch, Co-Founder, CEO of Miss Jessie’s, the company that revolutionized the curly and natural hair care industry. Miko is also the Co-Author of the newly released book “Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch—Naturally.”

Miko will share how she and her sister Titi Branch created a successful business from scratch. Miko will also share some inspirational life lessons and unique business advice from her book.  This book is so awesome that I read it in its entirety in one sitting.


020 Domestic Abuse – Why She Stayed and How She Left


Lynn Strange and Sonja Pitts share how they got into a domestically abusive relationship in the first place.  Understand what makes a woman stay after the first hit from their abuser.

Learn how victims of abuse cope from day to day and marvel at the courage it takes for them to leave.  Learn how to recognize the warning signs of a potential abuser, the most important changes victims of abuse should make, how to survive and the smartest and safest ways to leave.

019 Surviving Cancer And Domestic Abuse


Our purpose in life is revealed in many ways, but we must pay attention to every clue from having a stranger compliment our work or perhaps our purpose is expressed vividly in a dream that seemed so real upon awakening.

Kita Williams’ revelation came one night via a dream about beautiful women dressed in vibrant colorful garments, wearing bold jewelry, and walking the runway as if in a fashion show.  However, what Kita found most striking of all was that the women were all bald.  In Kita’s dream, the name “Raw Beauty” was also given and thus the Raw Beauty Initiative was born.

Learn how Kita took what was not her dream, but a dream and turned it into a life-affirming initiative admiring the beauty and passion inside and out of survivors of cancer and domestic violence, which promotes healing via shared acts of love, faith, laughter, and artistic expression.

Every year Kita launches a Raw Beauty Calendar that features these beautiful survivors. Featured in the 2015 calendar is Helen Ballard, a cancer survivor who will share her story of how the Raw Beauty Initiative changed her life from being reclusive to that of advocacy for breast cancer survival.

015 Surviving The Loss of A Child


Angela WalkerAngela L. Walker knew at the age of eight that she wanted to be an actress, writer, artist and/or math teacher.  Angela had to place her creative dreams on the back burner when God blessed her with a child doctors said she could never have.  Angela quickly introduced her miracle son Joshua to the world of art, which also became his love and passion.  Angela’s hope to live her dream as an artist was renewed!

Now imagine the excitement of mother and son sharing their love for art and poetry and taking the steps to start their own greeting cards business ….when tragedy strikes!  While home alone, Angela received a phone call that her beautiful son Joshua (20 years old) was shot and killed in a random act of violence.  After the loss of Joshua, Angela was in a crisis, became reclusive; all hopes and dreams lost with her only child.

Angela’s journey of grief over the loss of her only child eventually breathed new life into her passion to create beautiful artwork, write poetry, and teach.  Finally Angela rose out of the darkness and into the light to honor Joshua by going public with a beautiful painting called “The Beginning.”

Angela also wrote a poem “4 Ever Changed” which best describes her journey.  Her amazing artwork is now featured on duvet covers, throw pillows, canvas bags, greeting cards, iPhone and iPad cases, calendars, quilts, and more!  Angela knows she is not traveling on this new journey alone.  Joshua’s spirit is helping to guide her every step of the way.

You can visit Angela’s beautiful world of art at the websites below.  Her designs will simply AMAZE you.  Be sure to add her sites as your go to places to purchase extremely unique gifts for you and your loved ones.  It’ll feel like having your very own one-of-a kind piece of art.




Click the link below to read “Speak The Truth” a poem that Angela wrote and knows was a gift from Joshua’s spirit to let her know that it was okay to move through her grief and continue to live life and be her authentic self: