Taming The Tongue:  The Power of Words And Their Ability to Create or Destroy LifeTongue_Words2

According to Pastor Alfonzo King Surrett, Jr., “Words are the primary tool through which we are able to express our feelings, desires, beliefs, needs, and thoughts to others.”

Most of us under-estimate or do not realize how powerful words are and the tremendous impact they have on our lives.  The Bible says in Proverbs Chapter 18:21 that the power of life and death are in the tongue.  Now, more than ever, we need to focus on “Taming Our Tongues” because with social media, texting, and the internet; we are spewing out more words than any time in our history.

We can learn a lot about ourselves and others by paying attention to the words being used.

  • What do your words say about you?
  • Do your words emit positive or negative energy?
  • If you were to pose the above questions to people you interact with on a daily basis (home, work, play) what would they say?

If we use words to gossip, speak of lack, hatred, judgment, make threats, find fault in anything, or use profanity, then those words are emitting negative energy.  On the other hand if we use words to speak of love, patience, joy, peace,  forgiveness, understanding; those words breath life into the world.

A farmer does not plant an apple seed and expect to get a peach tree.  Therefore, we should not plant the word seeds of negativity with expectations of reaping a good harvest.

If I may quote Pastor Alfonzo, “Start today by speaking words of life and not words of death; words of faith and not words of fear; words that build up and not words that tear down; the Word of God and not the words of Satan.”

Bio:  Pastor Alfonzo King Surrett Jr.

Alfonzo King Surrett Jr. is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Community Church, located at 16341 South Park Avenue in South Holland, IL; and he a former president of The South Holland Ministers Association.

Also known as Pastor Alfonzo, he is also a professional singer, writer and producer who has worked with many well-known recording artists in both the secular and religious music industry. He has sung on many award winning national television and radio commercials for companies such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, The U.S. Navy, and many others. His talents eventually led him to a recording contract with MCA records; and he co-produced, and sang with C.G.I. Record’s contemporary gospel group Committed.

Pastor Alfonzo is the author and publisher of the book titled “ProfanityWhat Did You Really Say?”, which gives an understanding of the negative affects of profanity; and two other books that are soon to be released titled, “The Great Omission”, which deals with the need for creative evangelism; and “The Power Of A Persistent Woman”, which focuses on women who were victorious as a result of their godly persistence.  Pastor Alfonzo also has written Sunday School lessons, Vacation Bible School lessons, and devotionals for Urban Ministries Inc.; which is the largest African American publisher of religious materials in the world.

Pastor Alfonzo is the Chairman of the Board of Managers for P.A.C.E. Institute (Programmed Activities for Correctional Education) at Cook County Jail; and he is a member of the Board of Directors of The Safer Foundation. In addition, Alfonzo is a member if C.O.R.E. (Commission ORace and Ethnicity) for The Reformed Church in America; and he is the vice-president of Z-Odyssey Productions.

Pastor Alfonzo is committed to racial reconciliation and multicultural ministry. Prior to coming to Calvary Reformed Church, Pastor Alfonzo was the Assistant Pastor of Bethel Church of Harvey IL. On January 1, 2006 Bethel Church (predominately African American) merged with Calvary Reformed Church (predominately Caucasian) and became Calvary Community Church.  Pastor Alfonzo and Calvary Community Church have been featured in several newspapers and magazines for their efforts in multicultural ministry. Pastor Alfonzo has been interviewed on radio and television on the subject of the dynamics of multicultural worship. The vision of Calvary Community Church is “To be a visible example of the Kingdom of God in South Holland, IL and beyond”.

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Pastor Alfonzo sang on the following award winning (CLIO Award) Coca Cola commercial.  Click the link below to view the award winning video.