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Gwendolyn Taitt-Relf, author of “Why The Stars Twinkle” shares a very poignant story of her family’s seven year journey of love, forgiveness, and care-giving when Gwen’s mother was suddenly stricken with Alzheimer’s disease due to a concussion from a fall.

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Gwendolyn Taitt-Relf, Author

Alzheimer's Awareness

Dr. Lloyd Thomas Bowser is a Podiatrist and in this episode he shares important information about how to care for our feet and the clues our feet can provide about the state of our health.

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Dr. Lloyd Bowser, Podiatrist

Clues Our Feet Reveal About Our Health

If you are having difficulty transitioning out of a relationship, career, or other life situation, Life and Transition Coach, Rene Pierre talks about how to get unstuck out of situations that no longer serve you for the positive.  Rene’s style of Energy Coaching and the “7 Energy Levels” will help you to identify and remove the blockages that may be keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams.

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Rene Pierre, Life and Transition Coach

Getting Unstuck

Dr. Duane Mangum, Author of Blending to Make It: Ingredients for a Successful Blended Family, shares eight key ingredients for blended family success. Whether you are a single mom or dad with children maneuvering through the dating scene or whether you are already in a blended family environment you will definitely benefit from reading Dr. Mangum’s book.

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Dr. Duane Mangum, Author

Blending Families Successfully

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