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Patricia Terrell

Host and Producer of Make The Change Radio Show, President and CEO of T&T Management, Inc., Wildlife Photographer at PatGeo, Speaker, and Change Agent



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Featured Guest - Coach Tony Dungee

Pro Football Hall of Famer (2016 Class), Superbowl Winning Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Quiet Strength, Uncommon, and The Mentor Leader, Analyst on NBC’s Football Night in America and Spokesperson for “All Pro Dad


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Featured Guest - James Brown

Host for THE NFL Today, the NFL Pre-Game Show, and Co-Hosts CBS Thursday Night Football, Special Correspondent for CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News, and 60 Minutes.

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Featured Guest - Tommy Newberry

Pastor and New York Times Best Selling Author of The 4:8 Principle: The Secret to a Joy-Filled Life


Featured Guest - Miko Branch

Co-Founder, CEO of Miss Jessie’s and Co-Author of  “Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch—Naturally

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Featured Guest - Dr. Willie Jolley

World-class award-winning speaker, singer, media personality and best-selling author of How to Turn Your Setbacks into Greenbacks

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Featured Guest - Otis Williams

Performer, Living Legend and Founder of the Temptations

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Featured Guest - Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, Media Commentator, and Best-Selling author of The Black Presidency

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Featured Guest - Dr. Rick Brinkman

Motivational Speaker, Naturopathic Physician, and International Best-Selling Co-Author of “Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst.”

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Featured Guest - Dr. George Fraser

Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc., Best-Selling Author of Success Runs in Our Race, Speaker, and Producer of the PowerNetworking Conference

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Featured Guest - Alvin Dwight Petit

Famed civil rights, constitutional, and criminal lawyer, history maker, and author

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Read what listeners and guests are saying about Make The Change Radio Show!

“Patricia Terrell you are simply Amazing!!! Your show should be syndicated?? Change Radio speaks volumes!  This country needs CHANGE!!!  Your leadership in moving this country in a different direction should be duly noted!!!  Keep up the GREAT work!”

David Grogan

“Very diverse content.  Great guest interviews and show topics.”  

Daphne Jones Robinson

“As a featured guest on “Make the Change Radio Show” with host Patricia Terrell, it was indeed an honor, to provide the audience a broader view, regarding the challenges that most families do not consider about aging. The response from the show’s audience was phenomenal, Following the program, I was contacted by hundreds who tuned in to the radio show! It warms my heart and makes me smile, to know that because of the “Make the Change Radio Show” broadcasts, families are discussing possible Alzheimer’s symptoms, early diagnoses, all while amplifying their need for planning ahead, plus they now have a more profound understanding of the daily pitfalls when caring for a stricken loved one. Thank you, Patricia Terrell for having me as a guest on your show.”  God Bless.

Gwen Relf

“Every time I listen to Make the Change I leave with some words of wisdom to help me live my best life.  Patricia’s guests are always inspiring and intriguing.  I try never to miss a show.  The content is that good!”  

Joy Sutton

“You are truly in your calling.  Thanks for letting us see the best parts of ourselves, it is surely needed. This movement will become contagious and spread like a positive virus. The Higher Hopes family looks forward to this show as well as all of your upcoming shows, books, movies…etc. Keep up the great work Sistah, we are all behind you!!!”

Dr. Bruce Purnell

“Dr. Michael Eric Dyson was phenomenal and your questions so poignant and succinct.  God is continually elevating your gift and ministry to “Make A Change.”

Dr. Duane Mangum

“I really enjoy Patricia Terrell and her Make The Change talk shows!  Her shows are all very inspirational and illuminate the power of looking inside self as a first step to positive and lasting CHANGE!  What I love most is the opportunity to learn about things outside my realm of everyday experiences.  What a great way to spend 30 minutes!”  Angela Walker

Angela Walker

“Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!!  I listened in on Saturday until I drove out of range for the station. I heard pretty much the whole show though. I like the MJ song for your intro. Great touch.  It was a very interesting topic. I was a “sticks and stones” guy until I had kids. Then I realized just how much my words mattered to them. Not sure if you guys got into this aspect after I was out of range… I think negative words have a much easier time making an impact than positive words. It is definitely not a one to one correlation. One negative comment cannot be counteracted by just one positive comment. If
one person says “you look fat in that dress”, It doesn’t matter how many folks tell you look amazing in that dress. You will still wonder if you look fat all day. I guess what our grandmothers told us is true “If you don’t have something good say about someone, it is best not say anything”. I have my alarm set on my phone for Saturdays at 11:58 so I can tune in to your show. Guess I am officially a “groupie” now.”

Timothy Mitchell

“I read “Try Jesus” story from your website and I was touched, moved and inspired.  Thanks for sharing your faith, passion, love and light with the world.”

Diana Novkova

Learning how to make positive changes in your life has never been so enjoyable.

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