023 Paul Anderson 2Dr. Paul Anderson; Chaplain, Relationship Advisor, and Suicide Counselor, talks about how to build a firm foundation for our intimate relationships. He talks about why people do not marry for love, but because their mate can meet certain needs.

Sadly, many people are not certain of their real relationship needs, which makes it challenging for happiness to become a mainstay in the relationship.  Dr. Paul also states that if the perceived need is met before true love develops, the relationship will most likely not stand the test of time and will be challenged by more unexpected needs.

Have you heard of the Intimacy Curve?  Dr. Paul coined this term and states that where your relationship exists on the “Intimacy Curve” can determine its chance for longevity.

Dr. Paul also talks about why many people date like adults, but commit like children and “Harley’s Top 10 Needs” and how they can help us better understand the dynamics of our intimate relationships.

Dr. Paul was joined by his wife Deborah Anderson who talked about how women should conduct themselves, how they should and should not dress, and why women should not pursue men or ask for their hand in marriage.

This is a must listen to show if you want to learn how to improve your intimate relationships and whether or not the relationship that you are in has any staying power.