Financial guru, Steven LaBroi shares tips that the wealthy use every day to reduce debt and build wealth.  And the wonderful news is that you do not have to be wealthy to apply these tips; but you must know what they are.

We have more student debt than ever before.  According to a Pew Research study, around four in ten (37%) households led by a person under the age of 40 currently have some student loan debt. This is the highest percentage on record. The graduating class of 2014 is also the most indebted class to ever walk the stage.

We use credit cards way too much.  One report states that the average household owes around $15,607 on their credit cards. They estimate that collectively, Americans owe $880.5 billion in credit card debt, $8.07 trillion in mortgages, $1.12 trillion in student loans.

All of this debt wreaks havoc in our lives in ways we do not realize or often forget; such as destroyed marriages and relationships, mental health complications such as depression, substance abuse, and violence, just to name a few.

Steven LaBroi shares some unique ways to reduce debt, build wealth, and even create our own bank so that we can live the debt-free, stress-free and happy life we were meant to live.