HobbiesRon Pemberton, Demetria “Dina” Elosiebo, Wendy Bridges, and Ebony Andrews talk about the importance of having hobbies, how their hobbies have changed their lives and the lives of others.

As we all look for ways to live a life of happiness and purpose, quitting our jobs to pursue our passion is never an easy option.  However, if you include a hobby or two in your daily life, it can positively impact your self-esteem, reduce stress, make you happy, you become more attractive and people will gravitate towards you because you have something to talk about.

During the first half of the show, Ron Pemberton talks about how his love for antique automobiles, led to the founding of the Unity Thunder Car Club, which has grown significantly in the twelve years of its founding.  The club has celebrity members, they give to the needy, and not to mention some really nice antique cars for everyone to enjoy during their annual car show.

This year, the Unity Thunder Car Club honored Demetria “Dina” Elosiebo, the first African American female pilot for the D.C. National Guard.  Dina is not just any pilot, but she piloted the Black Hawk Helicopter.  Dina shared her amazing journey about wanting to fly since the age of 6 and how her parents nurtured her along the way to keep her dream alive and hold her accountable in the process.

During the 2nd half of the show, Wendy Bridges, talked about  entering her first beauty pageant after retirement and winning the title of Ms. Senior District of Columbia 2015, which is for women 60 years of age and older.    Ebony Andrews is a public health professional with a background in health education and communication.  Ebony won the title of Miss Black US Ambassador 2015 and plans to use her platform to help young girls realize their greatness and act on their power.

All guests shared incredible words of wisdom about the importance of living a life full of passionate pursuits and that it is never too late to live a purposeful life; even after retirement.