god-where-is-my-boaz-front-cover-finalStephan LaBoissere, certified relationship coach and author of “God Where Is My Boaz?” is a man on a mission to make relationships happier and more fulfilling.

In this episode, Stephan shares specific reasons that are hindering women from receiving the love and man she deserves and what she can do to turn things around.

Stephan talks about how to navigate through the dating process if you have chosen celibacy or to abstain from sexual intercourse.

Stephan also talks about how the Bible verse “He who findeth a wife finds a good thing,” is misinterpreted and how this misinterpretation is getting in the way of women finding the man that is right for her.

If you are discouraged with relationships and skeptical of trusting men due to too many previous disappointments, then you will want to listen to this episode to restore your hope that once again, love is possible.

Take a listen!