Dr. Willie Jolley has been described as a world-class, award-winning speaker and singer, best-selling author and media personality.  However, did you know that Dr. Jolley stepped up in a big way to help take care of his seven nieces and nephews when their father, Noble Jolley, Sr. passed away suddenly?  With two children of his own, Dr. Jolley found himself a father and father figure to nine children.

Dr. Willie Jolley is perfect for this Father’s Day show because he can speak about Fatherhood from several perspectives.  A single father raising a son, a father marrying into a blended family, a father with an extremely busy career requiring him to be away from the household, and a father who took on the responsibilities of being a father figure to his deceased brother’s seven children.

In this segment, Dr. Jolley talks about the following topics and so much more:

  • The first step fathers can make to make a comeback if they have experienced a setback in their relationship with their children.
  • There are a few life lessons where only a father or father figure can help raise a son to be a man.
  • Life lessons fathers can teach their daughters about selecting a mate and pursuing her career.
  • The best Father’s Day gift that children can give to their dads.
  • More…

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