UsImagine bringing your beautiful child into the world and watching as he progresses normally with all milestones being met. Then somewhere between 1 ½ and 2 years of age……everything changes.  Your precious child is kidnapped; not his physical body, but his brain.  The doctor says it is Autism.  Now what do you do?  How do you prepare?

Shante Nicole and husband, Chris Superville will share the story of their beautiful son, Dylan and how learning how to get through to Dylan became their mission in life.  It is truly a story of destiny, love, laughter, triumph, and the answer to a calling.

Learn how their journey led them to form the organization F.A.C.E., which gives the caregivers of all special needs children that much needed respite for several hours one Saturday each month.

How many times have you witnessed a parent who seemingly had no control over their child and think “If that was my child, I would……,” or “Why can’t they control that child?” How many times while flying or using public transportation did you throw that parent a certain look and think “Why can’t they shut that child up?” Would you believe that many people actually speak these words to the caregivers?

When it comes to Autism, it is not that simple. Neither does Autism have an obvious physical appearance that will allow the casual observer to see that the caregiver has an Autistic child.

Hopefully this episode will raise Autism awareness and increase the sensitivity levels of the general populace when witnessing what some deem as unruly children. Although this episode is about Autism, this also applies to all children with special needs and their caregivers.

Shanté and Chris will amaze you when they help explain Autism from their beautiful son Dylan’s perspective. You will be forever changed.