When many gave up on our troubled youth, Higher Hopes, Inc. gave them hope! Learn how Psychologist, Dr. Bruce Purnell and Educator Ronnie Blackstone are changing the lives of some of our most troubled youth by restoring their hopes for a brighter future and redefining what they believe is “cool.”

“I love the universal language of art. Anytime we give people a super-ordinate goal, they forget their differences, especially when they need each other to complete the tasks.” Dr. Bruce Purnell

Transformative Life Coaching is a program that allow young people to experience pivotal moments in their lives that ultimately influence the development of their self-identities, relationships, choices, goals and futures. It is crucial that our youth have the right support systems in place during these times. These support systems can influence decisions that may have life changing implications. With the right support, every challenging experience and dilemma can provide opportunities for our youth to make the type of decisions that lead to transformational outcomes and build resilience.

Higher Hopes defines resilience as having the inner strength to make the right choices, especially when these choices are not the most popular or “cool.”  Higher Hopes has developed and tested an empowerment methodology called “MindSweep,” which is an engagement methodology (IDEAL) to build this type of resilience.

We have all heard of the Underground Railroad, but have you heard of the Overground Freeway?  The OverGround Free-Way is a concept coined by Higher Hopes, which means that one cannot actualize physical freedom without mental liberation… So Let’s break the Chains!

Just as the Underground Railroad provided meeting points, secret routes, transportation, and safe houses for slaves to escape slavery, Higher Hopes, Inc. formed the “Overground Freeway” movement to provide meeting points, safe houses, but not so secret routes for our young people to escape the mental bondages of slavery that cause them to make bad choices, lose their self-identities, nurture destructive relationships, destroy their goals and hopes for bright futures. Today, each and everyone of us can play the role of the abolitionist sympathizers of the 19th Century movement by helping our young people “Break the Chains” of their enslaved minds.

Dr. Bruce is a Psychologist and the founder of Higher Hopes, Inc., a non-profit that provides transformational life coaching for our youth. Dr. Bruce comes from a background similar to the youth he is helping, but he was always able to get along with all groups, gangs, and individuals. He was called to do this work early in life and he answered the call. Someone took an interest in him and exposed him to the world of Psychology.  He always had a grassroots approach to his efforts, which is what led him to move to Africa to help transform the youth there.   Ronnie Blackstone is an Educator who works closely as Dr. Bruce’s right hand and backbone working tirelessly in the community with the youth, their families, advocates and more.