116 Food Safety, Nutrition and Hunger Sponsored by HPRC


When it comes to food safety; each year, roughly 1 in 6 Americans (approximately 48 million people) get sick from foodborne illnesses.

When it comes to accessing nutritious food, the sad reality is that many Americans cannot conveniently access nutritious food at an affordable price. Some neighborhoods in America are known as “food deserts” and “food swamps;” places where it’s hard to find nutritious food and where a lot of bad food options exist.

Despite living in one of the wealthiest states in the country, many Marylanders struggle with hunger.  One in eight households constantly struggle with hunger.  Approximately 21 percent of households with children struggle to obtain enough food to eat regular healthy meals.  And nearly 10 percent of Marylanders live below the poverty line.

In this episode we discuss the startling details surrounding food safety, access to nutritious food, and hunger.  You will learn what role public policy played in creating our current food system and how public policy can help improve it.  You will also learn about the role each of us can play in influencing the public policy that can help us obtain better access to safe and nutritious foods, combat hunger, and in the end improve our overall health.

This episode is brought to you by The Health Policy Resource Consortium, also known as HPRC.  HPRC’s mission is to educate and inform the public about public policy, how public policy can improve our health, and what each of us can do to drive public policy decisions in our communities.

Byron Sogie-Thomas, HPRC’s Deputy Director for Health Policy Research and Analysis and Michael J. Wilson, the Director of Maryland Hunger Solutions are the guests for this episode.

115 Toxic Parenting: How to Identify If You Have A Toxic Style of Parenting


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults” is a quote by Frederick Douglass and the topic of this episode. Dr. Sharon R Bonds, and Marriage & Family Therapist, Carter Drew, helps us identify if we have a toxic style of parenting.  They also provide ideas on steps parents can take to become less toxic.

112 From Victim to Victorious: How I Survived Sexual Abuse by My Biological Father


SIN_A4_PRESS2_UKIRE_PrintNatasha Elliott talks about how she survived childhood sexual abuse by her biological father.  Mark Elliott, her husband of seventeen years also talks about the role he played in helping Natasha’s journey from victim to victorious.

Natasha points out that there are always signs that reveal a child is a victim of sexual, mental, or emotional abuse.  And Natasha points out some key signs that parents must pay close attention to and never ignore.

Natasha and Mark are on a mission to help victims of sexual abuse heal from the pain and also help their loved ones understand how to love them through the pain.

104 Vaccinations & Immunizations – Health Policy Research Consortium (HPRC)


vaccine shot immunizationAugust is National Immunization Awareness Month, which is an annual observance that highlights the importance of vaccinations.

Dr. Willarda Edwards and Byron Sogie-Thomas from the Health Policy Research Consortium discuss the importance of getting your children vaccinated for the upcoming school year.  They discuss the shingles, flu, and pneumonia vaccines, and concerns about the health risks (perceived or otherwise) associated with vaccinations.

They also discuss the role of public policy in providing widespread access to vaccines, how vaccines prevent disease outbreaks, who should take them, how effective they are in saving lives and saving money, and why some people would rather not take them. You will also learn about the history of how immunizations took place before vaccinations came on the scene.


094 Girls Against Boys Sagging and the Importance of Voting – Elections 2016


sagging, GABS, pullemup2During the first half of the show, Morgan McCane and her parents talk about an organization that Morgan founded at the age of 15.  Morgan started Girls Against Boys Sagging (GABS) when she told her mom that she was tired of seeing boys walking around with their “dirty” underwear showing.  When Morgan’s mom challenged her to do something about it, Morgan did just that.  Thus was born GABS, a movement against boys sagging, whose message is that women can change men’s minds the most, so women need to ask their men to #pullemup!


voteDuring the second half hour, Judge Eric Nyce, David Grogan, Ervin Reid, and Dennis Borie talk about the early voting process, how to sift through the rhetoric, the electoral process, and of course “The Donald.”


055 District Jumping: The Price A Mother Paid to Better Educate Her Children


Kelley Williams-Bolar’s story made national headlines in 2011 when she was arrested and convicted of 2 felonies for sending her two daughters to school outside of their residential school district, but in a district where Kelley’s father resided. This is called District Jumping.  The pain Kelley and her father suffered for this decision is heart-wrenching. Most horrific of all is that Kelley’s father passed away while in custody for allowing his daughter to use his address to send his two granddaughters to a better school.

In this segment, Kelley talks about her journey from indictment to redemption and how she is making a difference in the lives of other parents and helping to change the “District Jumping” laws across the United States, so that parents will no longer have to serve jail time.

District jumping is more common than you know and not everyone is aware that parents who break this law could be charged with one or more felonies.  I strongly encourage you to download Kelley’s  E-book, “The Kelley Williams-Bolar Story; Justice is Just Like Beauty; It’s in the Eyes of the Beholder” at Amazon.com.

051 Happy Mother’s Day: Family Love and Home Schooling


This is a special “Mother’s Day” episode and “Make the Change Radio Show” is proud to feature Christine Psalms and her family.

Christine Psalms is a wife of 18 years, mother of four beautiful children, an entrepreneur, and most importantly she loves God!  A couple of years back, the Psalms family made a decision to home school their children. It all started when her 13 year old began having challenges focusing in the classroom and taking tests.  The private school he attended was a great school, but Christine was concerned about whether the teachers had enough experience working with the specific challenges her child was experiencing.  As a result, three of her four children, ages 4, 11, and 13 started home schooling in 2014 and her fourth child, age 16, will begin home schooling in 2015. In order to make this a success, Christine and her husband Sean, thought it was best for her to leave her 9-5 and take on the awesome task to home school their children.  In this episode, Christine and Sean talk about the transition and the tremendous rewards that resulted by their decision to go from a two-income household to one primary income to make their children their top priority.

What makes this story even more incredible is that Christine’s husband Sean, composed a Mother’s Day Anthem 10 years ago for his now deceased mother and grandmother and just released it in 2015. The song and video are incredible and it includes his lovely wife Christine and their four children are singing the chorus!  Be prepared because this song and video will touch every emotion within you, but the ending will touch you the most.

Wait.  That’s not all.  I’m saving the best for last.  What takes this show to an even higher level is when Christine’s children talk about what makes their mother a great mom.  Her husband Sean weighs in too with a message to husbands and fathers about the awesomeness of wives and mothers.

If you want to contact Christine about how she went about home schooling her children, send her an email at dancing4hisglorymd@gmail.com and let her know that you heard about her story on Make the Change Radio Show.

So, here are the links:  Enjoy!

Mother’s Day Anthem Video: Mother’s Day Anthem

Mother’s Day Anthem Song (MP3):


023 Childhood Abuse in the Workplace: Top Warning Signs Parents Need to Know


Successful entrepreneur Zane Marshall shares his 3-year journey of workplace abuse as a teen. Learn about the top warning signs of abuse that parents should look out for and how they can raise a child less likely to accept any type of abusive relationship.

At the age of 17 Zane went to work in the entertainment industry and encountered mental and emotional abuse from a female supervisor.  This job was a dream come true and in total alignment with his passion to work in the entertainment industry.  He was experiencing the sweet taste of success at the ripe age of 17 producing television and video content that targeted young people.

The very reasons Zane was attracted to the job, were the same reasons that caused him to stay when the brainwashing and abuse started.  He did not want to give up this opportunity to live his dream!  He had a “do not quit” mindset and was ready to weather the storm no matter how long it lasted.  But the stormy work environment never let up.  It continued to worsen and so did the type of abuse.

Listen to the show to understand how bad the abuse had to get for Zane to understand that sometimes you do have to quit.  Zane knew he had to quit to save his soul, because he realized that he had sold it to the devil.

Three year after accepting the position; at 21 years of age, Zane was able to leave the abusive workplace environment without any regrets and with a spirit of forgiveness to his tormentor.  Zane is now a successful entrepreneur and speaker who educates young people on how to start their own business, build confidence, and much more.

In this episode, Zane talks about the following:

  1. The mindset of an abused person.
  2. The type of workplace abuse he encountered
  3. Why he chose to continue working in such an abusive workplace.
  4. What parents can do to raise a child that will be strong enough to avoid any abusive environment or choose not to remain in one.
  5. Why he was afraid to share the abuse with friends and family.
  6. Warning signs of abuse that parents should look out for to determine whether their child is suffering in silence.
  7. Parents should follow their gut reaction.  Listen carefully for the words their child use and look for signs of rebellion and isolation.
  8. If the warning signs are there and the child continues to say nothing is wrong, parents must investigate by snooping.
  9. How to break the cycle of violence in any environment.
  10. Recommended changes to parents with children and to people who are currently in an abusive or inappropriate situation.

This is a must listen to episode.  His story will truly inspire you!

021 Changing The Definition of Cool


When many gave up on our troubled youth, Higher Hopes, Inc. gave them hope! Learn how Psychologist, Dr. Bruce Purnell and Educator Ronnie Blackstone are changing the lives of some of our most troubled youth by restoring their hopes for a brighter future and redefining what they believe is “cool.”

“I love the universal language of art. Anytime we give people a super-ordinate goal, they forget their differences, especially when they need each other to complete the tasks.” Dr. Bruce Purnell

Transformative Life Coaching is a program that allow young people to experience pivotal moments in their lives that ultimately influence the development of their self-identities, relationships, choices, goals and futures. It is crucial that our youth have the right support systems in place during these times. These support systems can influence decisions that may have life changing implications. With the right support, every challenging experience and dilemma can provide opportunities for our youth to make the type of decisions that lead to transformational outcomes and build resilience.

Higher Hopes defines resilience as having the inner strength to make the right choices, especially when these choices are not the most popular or “cool.”  Higher Hopes has developed and tested an empowerment methodology called “MindSweep,” which is an engagement methodology (IDEAL) to build this type of resilience.

We have all heard of the Underground Railroad, but have you heard of the Overground Freeway?  The OverGround Free-Way is a concept coined by Higher Hopes, which means that one cannot actualize physical freedom without mental liberation… So Let’s break the Chains!

Just as the Underground Railroad provided meeting points, secret routes, transportation, and safe houses for slaves to escape slavery, Higher Hopes, Inc. formed the “Overground Freeway” movement to provide meeting points, safe houses, but not so secret routes for our young people to escape the mental bondages of slavery that cause them to make bad choices, lose their self-identities, nurture destructive relationships, destroy their goals and hopes for bright futures. Today, each and everyone of us can play the role of the abolitionist sympathizers of the 19th Century movement by helping our young people “Break the Chains” of their enslaved minds.

Dr. Bruce is a Psychologist and the founder of Higher Hopes, Inc., a non-profit that provides transformational life coaching for our youth. Dr. Bruce comes from a background similar to the youth he is helping, but he was always able to get along with all groups, gangs, and individuals. He was called to do this work early in life and he answered the call. Someone took an interest in him and exposed him to the world of Psychology.  He always had a grassroots approach to his efforts, which is what led him to move to Africa to help transform the youth there.   Ronnie Blackstone is an Educator who works closely as Dr. Bruce’s right hand and backbone working tirelessly in the community with the youth, their families, advocates and more.