045 Brian BaileyBrian K. Bailey of Fit Tyme Productions shares his 5 Success Principles for overcoming the mental barriers to getting and staying fit and healthy.

Brian also believes in the power of affirmations and he shares 5 Daily Affirmations that you can use each day to keep you motivated, especially during those days when the going gets tough.  These affirmations are really awesome and they help to offset the negative messages we receive from our subconscious when we try to initiate change.

Although Brian does not endorse the “quick fix” approaches to losing weight, he is sensitive to the fact that most people want to get in shape for a short term event like a wedding, class reunion, or for the spring and summer months.  As a result, he likes to encourage people to take his “10 Day Challenge,” which has been proven to take the pounds off quickly, but in a healthier fashion that could ultimately lead to a lifestyle change. However, he cautions that once you take the challenge, you will love the results so much, that you may never go back to those old habits.

When it comes to the most important change we can make to help us on our journey to good health, Brian says that drinking lots of water is the key and you should focus on drinking at least an amount equal to 50% of your body weight.

Most of the challenges we face with change of any sort is mental.  This show will help you to focus on identifying what your mental hurdles are and  how you can begin the journey to overcome them.