PDL supported the start of this seed bank. The seed bank has a committee who have a seed distribution before planting season. If a group member receives 14 cups of seeds they give back 16 cups of seed so the the seed bank can continue to grow. The system can continue on it's own but PDL still provides support so that the program can grow. There are currently 700 farmers from this community participating in this seed saving program. The seeds in this seed bank are beans, peanuts and corn. Inyon Gwoupman Peyizan Bay (IGPB) which is a partner of PDL Glasi Bourik, Central Plateau, Haiti. Photo by Ben Depp

It’s Black History Month and Ronald Wayne Cook is back to talk about the Black Seeds Educational and Historical Calendar.  He highlights one of our unsung heroes and living legend, he shares the black history fact for the day, black love and more!

What seeds are you planting? Take a listen, you are bound to be inspired!