113 What You Need To Know About Open Enrollment 2017 – Sponsored by the Health Policy Research Consortium


obamacare-healthDo you have questions regarding Open Enrollment and the future of Obamacare? If so, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is the topic of this episode.  Byron Sogie Thomas of the Health Policy Research Consortium and Ben Turner of the Primary Care Coalition discuss and answer questions about the Open Enrollment process.

Ben Turner outlines seven steps to get you through the open enrollment process and Byron Sogie Thomas talks about how we can have our voices heard when it comes to any changes in policy surrounding the future of the Affordable Care Act.

If you have questions regarding the lingo, be sure to visit www.destinationhealth.me.  It is written at the 4th grade level and contains videos and more to help you better understand the definitions.

Visit www.hprc.info for more information.

104 Vaccinations & Immunizations – Health Policy Research Consortium (HPRC)


vaccine shot immunizationAugust is National Immunization Awareness Month, which is an annual observance that highlights the importance of vaccinations.

Dr. Willarda Edwards and Byron Sogie-Thomas from the Health Policy Research Consortium discuss the importance of getting your children vaccinated for the upcoming school year.  They discuss the shingles, flu, and pneumonia vaccines, and concerns about the health risks (perceived or otherwise) associated with vaccinations.

They also discuss the role of public policy in providing widespread access to vaccines, how vaccines prevent disease outbreaks, who should take them, how effective they are in saving lives and saving money, and why some people would rather not take them. You will also learn about the history of how immunizations took place before vaccinations came on the scene.


101 Public Policy: What it Means and How it Can Impact Your Health – Sponsored by The Health Policy Research Consortium (HPRC)


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The Health Policy Research Consortium (HPRC) is partnering with Make the Change Radio Show for the remainder of 2016 to talk about public policy, how public policy can improve your health, and what you can do to drive public policy decisions in your community.

Byron Sogie-Thomas is HPRC’s Deputy Director for Health Policy Research & Analysis. Byron opens the show with a simple definition of public policy and shares HPRC’s mission, which is to make everyone aware of these policies, the connections they have on your health, and how you can take action on the policies that directly impact the communities where you live.

Some of the following policy topics and areas where you can have influence in your community were discussed during this episode.  They include, but were not limited to:

  1. How your home can make you sick
  2. The importance of sprinkler systems in your home
  3. Speed limits in your community
  4. Zoning ordinances
  5. Impact of toxic dump sites and landfills near your home
  6. How disasters, accidents, and community involvement impact public policy
  7. How to get involved and who to contact if you want to change a public policy in your community
  8. Policies impacting your schools, classrooms and lunch programs
  9. More…

HPRC has a mobile app called Health Connect Prince George’s that can help you find local resources, such as Farmers Markets, Parks & Hike Trails, Recreation Centers, and more.  Download the app on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.  Click below to listen to the commercial regarding this incredible app.

Be sure to visit HPRC’s website at www.hprc.info to read their public policy reports, newsletters, blogs, community events, social media pages, and more.

086 Black History Month with Charles Hicks


black-history-monthIn commemoration of Black History Month, Charles “Chuck” Hicks, Activist, Librarian and Chair of the DC Black History Celebration Committee talks about his rich life experiences as well as the history, purpose and on-going value of Black History Month.

Mr. Hicks was instrumental in coordinating the Million Man March, the March on Washington, the Million Family March, and many other events.

Mr. Hicks is also the son of deceased famed civil rights leader Robert Hicks.

079 How To Write Your First Book


Author6Are you thinking of writing a book?  If so, in this episode, four authors share what you need to know to get your book idea from out of your head and into the marketplace.

Daphne Jones Robinson has a special talent to write a book in 30 to 90 days.  She’s written five books in one year.

Dr. James Arthur Williams used Kick Starter to obtain initial support from his followers and to fund the initial expenses associated with writing his first book and ultimately getting in published.

Damon Jones wrote his book as part of his plan to grow his business and establish himself as a subject-matter expert in his profession.  His first book became an Amazon best-seller and he shares important tips on becoming a best selling author.

Kareem Taylor was blogging for five years and consulted with his loyal followers to determine the type of book he should write. He used his blog topics as his guide and soon became a self-published author.

So if you want to learn the secrets to writing a book or how to get the book you started years ago finally written, these guests will share their secrets to get you started on your journey to becoming an author.

055 District Jumping: The Price A Mother Paid to Better Educate Her Children


Kelley Williams-Bolar’s story made national headlines in 2011 when she was arrested and convicted of 2 felonies for sending her two daughters to school outside of their residential school district, but in a district where Kelley’s father resided. This is called District Jumping.  The pain Kelley and her father suffered for this decision is heart-wrenching. Most horrific of all is that Kelley’s father passed away while in custody for allowing his daughter to use his address to send his two granddaughters to a better school.

In this segment, Kelley talks about her journey from indictment to redemption and how she is making a difference in the lives of other parents and helping to change the “District Jumping” laws across the United States, so that parents will no longer have to serve jail time.

District jumping is more common than you know and not everyone is aware that parents who break this law could be charged with one or more felonies.  I strongly encourage you to download Kelley’s  E-book, “The Kelley Williams-Bolar Story; Justice is Just Like Beauty; It’s in the Eyes of the Beholder” at Amazon.com.

051 Happy Mother’s Day: Family Love and Home Schooling


This is a special “Mother’s Day” episode and “Make the Change Radio Show” is proud to feature Christine Psalms and her family.

Christine Psalms is a wife of 18 years, mother of four beautiful children, an entrepreneur, and most importantly she loves God!  A couple of years back, the Psalms family made a decision to home school their children. It all started when her 13 year old began having challenges focusing in the classroom and taking tests.  The private school he attended was a great school, but Christine was concerned about whether the teachers had enough experience working with the specific challenges her child was experiencing.  As a result, three of her four children, ages 4, 11, and 13 started home schooling in 2014 and her fourth child, age 16, will begin home schooling in 2015. In order to make this a success, Christine and her husband Sean, thought it was best for her to leave her 9-5 and take on the awesome task to home school their children.  In this episode, Christine and Sean talk about the transition and the tremendous rewards that resulted by their decision to go from a two-income household to one primary income to make their children their top priority.

What makes this story even more incredible is that Christine’s husband Sean, composed a Mother’s Day Anthem 10 years ago for his now deceased mother and grandmother and just released it in 2015. The song and video are incredible and it includes his lovely wife Christine and their four children are singing the chorus!  Be prepared because this song and video will touch every emotion within you, but the ending will touch you the most.

Wait.  That’s not all.  I’m saving the best for last.  What takes this show to an even higher level is when Christine’s children talk about what makes their mother a great mom.  Her husband Sean weighs in too with a message to husbands and fathers about the awesomeness of wives and mothers.

If you want to contact Christine about how she went about home schooling her children, send her an email at dancing4hisglorymd@gmail.com and let her know that you heard about her story on Make the Change Radio Show.

So, here are the links:  Enjoy!

Mother’s Day Anthem Video: Mother’s Day Anthem

Mother’s Day Anthem Song (MP3):