Angela WalkerAngela L. Walker knew at the age of eight that she wanted to be an actress, writer, artist and/or math teacher.  Angela had to place her creative dreams on the back burner when God blessed her with a child doctors said she could never have.  Angela quickly introduced her miracle son Joshua to the world of art, which also became his love and passion.  Angela’s hope to live her dream as an artist was renewed!

Now imagine the excitement of mother and son sharing their love for art and poetry and taking the steps to start their own greeting cards business ….when tragedy strikes!  While home alone, Angela received a phone call that her beautiful son Joshua (20 years old) was shot and killed in a random act of violence.  After the loss of Joshua, Angela was in a crisis, became reclusive; all hopes and dreams lost with her only child.

Angela’s journey of grief over the loss of her only child eventually breathed new life into her passion to create beautiful artwork, write poetry, and teach.  Finally Angela rose out of the darkness and into the light to honor Joshua by going public with a beautiful painting called “The Beginning.”

Angela also wrote a poem “4 Ever Changed” which best describes her journey.  Her amazing artwork is now featured on duvet covers, throw pillows, canvas bags, greeting cards, iPhone and iPad cases, calendars, quilts, and more!  Angela knows she is not traveling on this new journey alone.  Joshua’s spirit is helping to guide her every step of the way.

You can visit Angela’s beautiful world of art at the websites below.  Her designs will simply AMAZE you.  Be sure to add her sites as your go to places to purchase extremely unique gifts for you and your loved ones.  It’ll feel like having your very own one-of-a kind piece of art.

Click the link below to read “Speak The Truth” a poem that Angela wrote and knows was a gift from Joshua’s spirit to let her know that it was okay to move through her grief and continue to live life and be her authentic self: