resilienceDr. Tommy Watson, Author, Speaker, and former football player talks about his awesome book, “The Resilience of Champions!”  Dr. Watson clearly outlines the six habits of highly resilient people in this episode.

Dr. Watson talks about whether resiliency is learned behavior, if we are born with it, and how we can build our resiliency.  And Dr. Watson should know because he went from homeless and living out of  trunk to a star athlete to college graduate, to earning his doctorate, and to a highly successful entrepreneur!

Dr. Watson lost practically everything.  He was able to regained everything back and more based on his love for the Lord and his unwavering determination to bounce back from the many adversities that plagued his life, from childhood into manhood.

Dr. Watson had every reason to give up and quit, due to being born into a drug-addicted household, gang influence, parental imprisonment, home foreclosure, divorce, unpaid bills and more, but he was determined not to give up.  If Dr. Watson can bounce back from so many adversities, then so can we.

Listen to this episode to learn how.