105 Why We End Up in Dead End Relationships and How to Get Out of Them


dead-end-relationshipDr. Nina Brown, author of “Dead-End Lovers: How to Avoid Them and Find True Intimacy” helps us understand why we keep picking unsuitable lovers. Dr. Brown calls them “Dead-End Lovers.”  We will learn how to spot them early, how to avoid them, and the psychological needs we have that attracts us to them.

Dr. presents five personal psychological lures and attractions we possess, such as;

  1. Being a Saver
  2. Searching for Excitement
  3. Craving Attention and Admiration
  4. Finding a Mirror
  5. Rebellion against Convention

Dr. Brown shares 7 out of 17 clear signs of unsuitability and tells us how to spot the “Five Types of Unsuitable Lovers:”

  1. Hurting and Needy
  2. Risk-Taking and Rebellious
  3. Charming and Manipulative
  4. Self-Absorbed
  5. Exotic and Different

So if  your relationship is on a one-way street to nowhere OR if you find that you keep getting into relationships with unsuitable lovers; Dr. Brown provides steps you can take to move away from dead-end relationships so that you can ultimately get the loving relationship you deserve.

098 Getting Unstuck


Unstuck stuck picIf you are having difficulty transitioning out of a relationship, career, or other life situation, Life and Transition Coach, Rene Pierre talks about how to get unstuck out of situations that no longer serve you for the positive.

Rene’s style of Energy Coaching and the “7 Energy Levels” will help you to identify and remove the blockages that may be keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams.

She also demonstrates how to develop your personal mission statement to get you moving in the right direction.

Rene is offering a 30 minute complimentary consultation for anyone saying that they heard her on Make The Change Radio Show.

For more information, contact Rene Pierre at rene@iamphenix.com

095 Detox Your Life and The Principles of Manhood


relax restThis episode consists of two incredible shows packed into one hour of programming.  This episode also includes a tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson, also known as Prince, who passed away on April 21, 2016.  RIP Prince.

Nicole Turner opens up the first half of the show with great insight about detoxing our life emotionally and mentally and how to get it done so that we can improve relationships with ourselves and others.

men manhoodRonald Barnes opens up the second half of the show talking about the qualities that make up the fabric of a man.  Ronald makes clear the differences between being an adult male and being a Man!