014 Autism Awareness


UsImagine bringing your beautiful child into the world and watching as he progresses normally with all milestones being met. Then somewhere between 1 ½ and 2 years of age……everything changes.  Your precious child is kidnapped; not his physical body, but his brain.  The doctor says it is Autism.  Now what do you do?  How do you prepare?

Shante Nicole and husband, Chris Superville will share the story of their beautiful son, Dylan and how learning how to get through to Dylan became their mission in life.  It is truly a story of destiny, love, laughter, triumph, and the answer to a calling.

Learn how their journey led them to form the organization F.A.C.E., which gives the caregivers of all special needs children that much needed respite for several hours one Saturday each month.

How many times have you witnessed a parent who seemingly had no control over their child and think “If that was my child, I would……,” or “Why can’t they control that child?” How many times while flying or using public transportation did you throw that parent a certain look and think “Why can’t they shut that child up?” Would you believe that many people actually speak these words to the caregivers?

When it comes to Autism, it is not that simple. Neither does Autism have an obvious physical appearance that will allow the casual observer to see that the caregiver has an Autistic child.

Hopefully this episode will raise Autism awareness and increase the sensitivity levels of the general populace when witnessing what some deem as unruly children. Although this episode is about Autism, this also applies to all children with special needs and their caregivers.

Shanté and Chris will amaze you when they help explain Autism from their beautiful son Dylan’s perspective. You will be forever changed.

009 A Double Mastectomy By Choice


Aurelia Crews was known for what she calls her “Rack,” which were her size “F” breasts.  Aurelia was also blessed with a shapely body frame, award-winning smile, great family, a host of friends around the world, a successful career and more.  Most people would describe Aurelia as “having it all.” Then one day breast cancer struck.

Aurelia could have let cancer get the best of her; instead she showed cancer her best.  With the support of family, friends, her strong will and belief in God, Aurelia is now cancer-free.

During Aurelia’s battle with breast cancer, she learned valuable lessons about relinquishing control and has clear plans for a healthier and happier future helping others.

006 Surviving Hodgkin’s Lymphoma


Hodgkins Lymphoma

After having a persistent cough for two weeks Erica finally decided to see her physician.  After receiving two Computerized Tomography (CAT or CT) Scans Erica’s doctor informed her that she had enlarged lymph nodes on her lungs.

As her health began to deteriorate and during a hospital stay, doctors performed another CT scan, which revealed the enlarged lymph nodes had spread from her lungs to her stomach and arm pits, strongly suggesting lymphoma.  After a battery of tests, Erica was finally diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 27.

What followed was a grueling ordeal that included low blood counts, shingles, resistant staph infection (MRSA), blood clots, anxiety, happy days and sad days.  Within 6 months of her diagnosis, tests revealed that her lymphoma had gone into remission!

Despite the cancer going into remission, Erica still had to endure chemotherapy for another 6 months, which created nausea and painful tingling throughout her body. It seemed as if the sickness lasted until the following chemo treatment.  There was a point when Erica felt like giving up, but her doctor insisted that she remain strong through the last therapy session to increase the odds that the cancer will not return.

The road to recovery was tremendously hard for Erica.  However, after six months of chemotherapy, transplants, transfusions and lots and lots of prayer, as Erica puts it, “I BEAT CANCERS BUTT… by God’s grace!”

Erica founded  “D’zire2Survive” to improve the quality of life of patients and their families touched by the lymphoma disease by providing education and up to date information.  Erica wants to pay it forward by inspiring patients with peer to peer comfort to help them continue to fight and overcome their battle with blood cancers.

To learn more about Erica’s journey, copy and paste the following links to your browser:

 Website:  http://www.ericasurvived.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/beatcancersbutt

Instagram: @ericasurvived

Twitter: @ericasurvived

Lymphoma Research Foundation:  www.Lymphoma.org

003 Learn How He Went From A Thug To A Scholar


thug-to-scholar_book cvrJames Arthur Williams shares his incredible journey where during childhood, being intelligent and following the spiritual teachings of his parents got him laughed at and teased until he felt forced to adopt and embrace a thug mentality to survive in the projects.

James questioned “Why did his parents suffer and struggle so much when they loved the Lord with all their hearts and they made so many sacrifices for God while his peers who lived the total opposite of God’s word seemed to acquire money, status, and the good life?”

James was unable to rationalize this in his mind and chose to please and gain acceptance from his peers in the hood and began chasing a masked lifestyle that was opposed to his God-given potential.

James is no different from the millions of people who chase materialistic things, lifestyles, and religions to please their parents, partners, or peers.

Many people wake up unhappy, unfulfilled, and unable to identify the person reflecting back in their bathroom mirror. James was that person for many years, but one significant event caused him to transform his life. Learn about that significant event and what actions James had to take to save his life by reading his book “From Thug To Scholar.”

“From Thug To Scholar” will inspire you to transform and unmask your true potential. It is filled with life lessons and fascinating journeys of how James was able to unmask and go from a thug to a scholar. His life lessons and fascinating journeys are sure to give you many “aha” moments of how you can unmask and reach your God-given potential!